I had a big problem on my ear and I want to get rid of it! I always awaken in the morning with a blocked ear, which felt sticky from wax. How disgusting! Because of this I can't hear properly and it makes horrible resonating sensation. I've been trying remedies at home in removing my blocked ear wax but no victory. Oh HELP! Having a problem on ear wax drived me crazy as it was like I am a deaf and felt like I was having a superficial body experience! (I am not exaggerating but it is!).

Now, I'm just comforting myself to the fact that I might seek for a doctor which specializes on ear wax removal before it is too late. Someone told me that ear wax removal is a pain free process. The process of ear wax removal takes a moderately warm solution and puts in the ear and had to wait a span of minute and run out of it. In my case, I haven't had my ear wax removal in a clinic before so I don't know what kind of ear wax removal the doctor should do. I was quite nervous because I got a bad pain on my ear and I don't know what causes it; I was thinking that maybe my ears had infection. It's been aching for a couple of days and this is the main reason why it pushes me to go for a doctor to get rid of my devastating ear wax. It was so embarrassing!

Admittedly, I was not convinced on putting something on my ear, they called a machine-I don't know exactly, so I never tried to have some advises of professionals. But then as what I told earlier, I badly need it to remove my blocked ear wax to immediately improve my hearing senses......Oh yah! Not to mention it indeed build up a problem on my hearing. I didn't realize how clogged my ears to end up in a doctor to have ear wax removal.

I don't want to get bumped out because of my blocked ear wax. I got an appointment now on my doctor for my ear wax removal, just now. I want to be thankful to my doctor on how he/she will unblocks my ear wax. Prior to that, the advance technology in improving the medication of patients that needs to be treated as soon as possible is ongoing nowadays which is of course of great help. Good luck to my doctor in neither unblocking nor removing my ear wax! (^_^)